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Healing in Puerto Rico

I’m not good at expressing my emotions. I tend to hide them and continue with my life as if I have no worries without slowing down. The more distracted I am (I think) the better. But with every traumatic experience, one must come into terms with the process of becoming physically and mentally healthy again. …


Gentrification in the Old City, Panama and Xenophobia towards other Latinx Communities.

Months ago I thought it would be useful to write about what it’s like to stay in Panama City. I started and never got around it until I was recently asked if it is worth taking a trip to Panama. Now, I am back in this document finally finishing up my original post, on gentrification …


Traveling with Ma!

While I wasn’t born into socio-economic privilege, I am privileged to be American born. My citizenship in itself is a privilege! I was gifted with opportunity to seek, find, and take advantage of many programs in my educational endeavors that allowed me to easily move through social mobility. With that being said, that has allowed …